Women of Color: Are you bright or soft?
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Women of Color: Are you bright or soft?

Many color systems for color analysis don't really address women of color. In the seasons, it's very common for an african american woman to be bucketed into deep autumn or deep winter. But I disagree with this approach. Women with brown and darker skin tones have the same characteristics as someone fairer. In my color system, Your Color Style™, I look at the chroma of the individual first. Do they have soft muted coloring or do they have clear chroma characteristics? Should they wear colors from the soft color wheel or from the bright color wheel? This very quickly narrows down the colors a person will look best in. In the video below, I show 10 examples of women of color, and show you my thoughts on whether they are bright or soft. I hope this video helps you identify if you are soft or bright. Take a look at my free e-book What Colors Look Good On Me? which takes you a little deeper into the step-by-step process of the Your Color Style™ system and learn what colors look best on you.

After you've watched the video, answer the following questions below:
  • Are you soft of bright?
  • What is your biggest question when deciding what colors you can wear?

Jennifer Thoden


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  • Thank you for sharing this! I’ve always considered myself a winter which translated to me wearing bright colors. After watching your video, I realize that I’m soft, not bright. Bright clothes bounce off my skin, but soft clothes allow my skin to stand out.

    - Jen

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