Color Analysis Quiz - Step 3: Warm and Light - Bright or Soft

Color Analysis Quiz - Step 3: Warm and Light - Bright or Soft

Color Analysis Quiz Step 3

You selected WARM and LIGHT. This means you have warm undertones with light eyes, hair AND skin.

Warm Undertones with Light Tones - Color Analysis Quiz

You wear warm light colors well. However, there is one last step. What is your chroma? Are you Bright or Soft. Do you wear bright clear chroma colors well or do they feel too strong on you?

If you know what your chroma is, then you know your color type! Select it below. If not, scroll down a bit to learn more about being soft or bright.

Do you feel like you are in between bright and soft? Scroll down to learn more about the Warm Light to Medium Color Fan.

Are you Bright or Soft?

On this page:

The difference between the color palettes
Soft Warm Light and Bright Warm Light

The difference between soft warm light and bright warm light color palettes is subtle. These color palettes share most of their colors except for the brightest color on the ring. Watch this video to learn the key difference between the two color types.


Bright, Soft and Muted Tones Explained

Watch this video that explains bright, soft and muted colors and why this is so important in learning the types of colors that flatter you best.



The Warm Color Palettes Explained

The video below explains the color theory behind the warm color palettes. Understanding how and why a color is in a color palette can help you understand where which color palette you is right for you.


BRIGHT Explained

"Bright" in Your Color Style means clear chroma colors. Clear chroma colors are colors that start out pure. Like a bright red. White or black may be added to create light and dark versions of the color, but the color started with a clear chroma. Pastel pink to bright red to maroon can all be considered "bright" colors (aka clear chroma colors).

Bright Warm Light


Examples of Bright Women

Watch this video to see more photo examples and to learn more about BRIGHT in Your Color Style.


Do you feel like you are in between bright and soft? Scroll down to learn more about the Warm Light to Medium Color Fan.

SOFT Explained

Soft colors are colors that have been softened in some way. In art, the color on the opposite side of the color wheel can be added to mute a color. You can also add white or black to a color to soften it. Adding a touch of green to a bright red will create a muted or gray-red. Or you can add white or black to create slightly softened versions of red. The soft warm color palettes in Your Color Style are not muted (grayed). They are only slightly softened.

When you wear a brighter color, do you feel good in it or do you feel like it over powers you? If it overpowers you, you may be SOFT. If you can definitely wear brighter colors, but not the brightest color, choose SOFT. If you can wear a clear bright red or tomato red well and love it, then choose BRIGHT.

Do you feel like you are in between bright and soft? Scroll down to learn more about the Warm Light to Medium Color Fan.

One more way to figure this out. If you wore a bright color, would you see the color first or you first? Bright colors will pop off of softer colors. If your natural coloring and tone is softer, then a bright color will jump forward versus being in harmony with you.

The Warm Light to Medium Color Fan

Do you feel like you are in between bright and soft? In between light and medium? Watch the video below that explains how you don't have to choose right now. Your Warm Light to Medium Color Fan can be customized to suit your unique coloring and tone.

Shop your Warm Light to Medium Color Fan

Shop your Warm Light to Medium Color Fan

Still not sure?

If you do not see a scenario that relates to you and you have watched the video, post in the comments what your combination of hair, skin and eyes are, so that I can make sure to cover it in this quiz.

Discover your color type by inserting your face inside the Your Color Style color wheels

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Jennifer Vax

Jen Vax is the founder of Your Color Style. She is a best selling author, speaker, artist and entrepreneur. She helps women learn how to wear color in a way that expresses their true nature. Take the FREE color analysis quiz to get started.

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  • I got through steps 1&2 and determined that I am warm & light. I have white hair with some warm grey and medium warm yellow skin and hazel eyes. Close up my eyes are pretty light but from a distance my eyes look a little muted compared to bright blue and green eyes. The whites of my eyes aren’t very bright. Before my hair grayed I had medium brown with red highlights. My lips are a soft pink, my brows are light so my features don’t create a lot of contrast. Am I bright or soft?
    Your Color Style replied:
    I would choose Soft


    - Murielle Curcio

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