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Color Analysis Quiz - Step 1

Welcome to the Your Color Style Color Analysis Quiz!

This quiz will ask you about 3 to 4 questions based on your answers. 

You're going to learn a lot about the Your Color Style methodology as you move through this quiz. I felt compelled to explain a few things when asking the questions, because I don't want to assume you know what I'm talking about.

Step 1: Are you light, medium or deep?

Watch this video to help you understand if you are light, medium or deep.

Common Scenarios

Not sure if you are medium or deep?

Grey hair blended with brown hair, light eyes, light skin

Salt and Pepper hair with light eyes, light skin

  • If your hair is at least 50% dark hair, select DEEP
  • If your hair is at least 50% medium hair, select MEDIUM
  • Mostly silver or white or grey, select LIGHT

    Light hair, light skin, medium brown eyes

    Light brown hair, light skin, light eyes

    • If you were blonde through your 20s, then you are LIGHT

    Red/Copper/Auburn hair, light skin, light eyes

    Brown hair with blonde highlights

    • If you have super deep eyes, then you are DEEP. Otherwise, select MEDIUM.

    Still not sure?

    If you do not see a scenario that relates to you and you have watched the video, post in the comments what your combination of hair, skin and eyes are, so that I can make sure to cover it in this quiz.

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    Jennifer Vax

    Jen Vax is the founder of Your Color Style. She is a best selling author, speaker, artist and entrepreneur. She helps women learn how to wear color in a way that expresses their true nature. Take the FREE color analysis quiz to get started.


    • I’m still having trouble because I don’t know if my eyes are considered warm or light. They are dark blue. Most of the time I hear warm is associated with brown eyes. Mine are like dark navy blue.
      Your Color Style replied:
      Dark navy blue eyes are a cool color. And brown eyes are not necessarily warm. Many are neutral and some are cool browns.

      I hope this helps


      - Nichole
    • I’m not sure if I would be light or medium. I had very blonde hair growing up, but now it is more of a dirty blonde/light brown. My skin is pretty fair, with pink undertones. My eyes used to be blue, but now they’re a light greenish/grey.
      Your Color Style replied:
      I would choose lightSent from my iPhone

      - Andrea
    • Hi Jen, I took the color analysis quiz and also purchased the 30 minutes to your best color class. I am still unsure as to my type because I cannot decide if I am warm or cool. I know I am deep. I have dark brown hair. I have olive green eyes. I consider myself fair or light complexion. My skin does not seem to have the pink colors that you show in the course and tends to look more like the golden examples. I look good in peachy, bronze, warm pink blush. I can never figure out the right lipstick color. I thought I was warm but yellows and olive greens do not flatter my skin tone. I tan easily but don’t really have an olive complexion.

      I would love to figure it out so I can order my fan what colors. But I just don’t seem to fit examples.
      Your Color Style replied:
      It’s hard to say based on your description. For your clothes, do you look great in cool blue based pinks? Or do you look good in peach and apricot. Those are the colors to help you determine your undertones.


      - Lynn P
    • Hi Jen. I have hair that is a mixture of warm white, blonde and just a touch of red. It adapts to the temperature of whatever light I am in though, so will look warm in warm light but can actually look cool in cool light. But it looks light in depth. My skin is also light. But my eyes are a dark brown. My eyebrows are darker than my skin & hair although I’m getting some white ones now as I’m 70. Would you suggest medium as a compromise between one end of the value scale for hair & skin and the other end for my eyes?
      Thanks for the help.
      Your Color Style replied:
      I would look at both medium and deep to see how those colors feel.


      - Judi
    • Growing up my hair was a dark blonde with slight reddishnatural highlights. My eyebrows are darker and I use ash brown or even gray to fill them in. Because of my skin tone which seems to be warmish light olive all year round. I’m never white in skin color but always seem to have warm toned color to my skin. My hair is now more close to my eyebows but a bit lighter in shade. I highlight my hair with a warm blond color. My eyes are green/ blue/green/with tiny yellowish flecks around pupil in sunburst color designed iris.. Eyes are not pale or dark but medium intensity I think. If I wear greens, yellows or purple on my eyes or in my tops they look greener. If I wear more blue green tops they look more blue green. I don’t think I’m light but could I be warm medium. I look great in creams, soft or medium intensity warm corals, medium intensity mint green, teal,, soft warmish yellows and even when I’m tanned look great in a warm medium intensity yellow gold. I normally do not look very good in pale colors but look better if the color is not so pale/light in color. Should I select light or medium?
      Your Color Style replied:
      You could go light or medium. You sound Bright and Warm. If you can wear the bolder colors light tomato reds and marigold, then choose Bright Warm Medium


      - Shelia James

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