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Cool Undertones Explained

Cool Undertones Explained

We’re taking a deep dive into understanding cool undertones. How do you know if you have cool undertones… what does that actually mean… what colors you should wear and what colors to avoid. I share with a video plus a podcast episode, all about cool undertones.

Determining your undertones is a hot topic in color analysis. Most people believe that it’s the magic pill to figuring out what colors you should wear. I think that learning your undertones helps you know what colors to AVOID. 

Cool Undertones Explained

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Below, is the podcast episode where I explain cool undertones in depth. If you like podcasts, and want to listen to more details on cool undertones, they have a listen below.

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You may also enjoy the podcast episode on Warm Undertones.

Do you have cool undertones?

If you have cool undertones, then you’ll like the video below on cool colors. These are the colors that will look great on you and not so great on someone with warm undertones.

Cool Colors Explained

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2 thoughts on “Cool Undertones Explained

  1. What about olive skin? My skin has a greenish undertone, it tans very easily. My hair is medium blond (in the summer) / ashy light brown, and my eyes are grey/blue/greenish with a brownish tone around the pupil. I definitely fit best in tones and my worst colours are beige, yellowish-brown and rust colours.
    I am not sure if brigh or soft tones fit best and how deep I can go with the shades…

    1. I mean cool tones

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