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Does vein color help find your undertones?
Do your vein colors help you know your undertones? I challenge the theory that the color of your veins can determine your undertones.
Olive Skin Tone Explained
Discover if olive skin tone has warm or cool undertones or neutral undertones. Learn what colors to wear and what colors to avoid. Learn your best color palette for olive skin tone.
Wearing blues well doesn't mean cool undertones
There is a full spectrum of colors in the warm color palettes. The colors range from true red to yellow to green to blue-green to cyan to blue to p...
Pink Skin - Warm or Cool Undertones
We often see cool undertone skin described as pink, but what if you have pink skin but don't feel like you have cool undertones? Learn the difference between warm pink, neutral pink and cool pink.
Warm and Cool Undertones Explained

Do you have warm undertones or cool undertones? Sometimes it's hard to tell and if you have yellow skin or olive skin tone, it can be even more confusing. I've created a video explaining what undertones are and showing you how this affects your overall skin tone. 

Do I Have Warm Eyes or Cool Eyes?
The color of your eyes can be an important clue to your undertones. I always look closely at the colors in a person's eyes to help me understand if a person has warm undertones or cool undertones. 
Cool Undertones Explained
We're taking a deep dive into understanding cool undertones. How do you know if you have cool undertones... what does that actually mean... what ...
Cool Colors Explained - What colors look best on you?
Cool colors are typically blue, purple and magenta. However, there are many more colors that are considered cool and more importantly, the colors that look good on cool undertones.
Neutral Undertones: Color Analysis Case Studies
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I get many women who come to me telling me that they are neutral, but yet warm is too warm or they can't wear white, etc. So, let's first talk abo...
Red Hair and Blue Eyes - Do I have cool undertones?
Jen answers the question: "I'm a redhead but have blue veins, also more pink to my skin does this make me a cool undertone? https://www.youtub...
Warm Undertones vs. Olive Undertones
Jen answers the question "How do I tell if I am medium to deep WARM undertoned or medium to deep OLIVE undertoned? Previously. my hair was very da...
Warm Undertones Explained
Let's talk about undertones. Specifically, warm undertones. What does it mean to have warm undertones? How do you know if you are warm, cool or ne...

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