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3 Tips To Avoiding Shopping Overwhelm

3 Tips To Avoiding Shopping Overwhelm

Jen Thoden describes 3 ways to avoid shopping overwhelm so that your shopping experience can actually be positive.

What is shopping overwhelm? It’s when you walk into a store and there are so many options… nothing looks good… and you wanna give up. Ugh.

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4 thoughts on “3 Tips To Avoiding Shopping Overwhelm

  1. Great video! Great tips and you are just adorable!!!

    1. Awww. Thank you, Karen!

  2. Great and timely video. I was at a street fair yesterday and came across a beautiful necklace – pricey but I purchased it. As I got it home I saw that it wasn’t the right scale or color for me and that I wasn’t even sure I liked it! When you said to first see if it is in your palette, that’s where I went wrong and it went downhill from there. Fortunately it looks like the shop accepts returns.
    I can relate to all you said here – the overwhelm is a big one for me and a pet peeve is all the pins on the manikins which creates a whole different look one you would not get in trying it on no matter your body shape.

  3. Great content but too long winded could be conveyed in half the time.

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