How To Wear Fiesta Red
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3 Ways To Wear Fiesta

3 Ways To Wear Fiesta

Learn how to wear Fiesta - a bright tomato red. It looks best on someone who has warm undertones.

Fiesta is such a fun color. I personally love it. It IS bright and warm, so it may not look great on you if you have softer tones or have cool undertones. All is not lost! Wear this color as a bottom. How fun would Fiesta pants be? or shorts? 

I've pulled together 3 outfit ideas using the same Fiesta top to inspire you this week.

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Outfit Idea #1

This is a triadic color combination. Fiesta red with bright blue. Super fun and dynamic! Soften the look with a light blue denim jacket.

Outfit Idea: 3 Ways To Wear Fiesta

Outfit Idea #2

LOVE this tomato red with blue and white stripes. This is a perfect dressy look for the summer.

Outfit Idea: 3 Ways To Wear Fiesta

Outfit Idea #3

This is a more monochromatic look. Find a bottom that has colors of Fiesta to create a pulled together look. Adding a white or taupe blazer will cool this hot top down a bit.

Outfit Idea: 3 Ways To Wear Fiesta



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