3 Ways To Wear Lava Falls
Lava Falls is a soft medium red.  It can be worn best by people with warm or cool undertones. Soft and medium individuals can wear this color best...
3 Ways to Wear Poinciana

Poinciana is a medium tomato red.  It can be worn best by people with warm undertones 

It can be found in stores as bright and soft. It’s right in between.

I've pulled together 3 outfit ideas using the same Poinciana top to inspire you this week.

3 Ways To Wear Flame Scarlet
Flame Scarlet is a medium to deep red. It is a universal color and can be worn whether you have cool or warm undertones. It is a universal co...
3 Pro Tips To Find Your Perfect Shade of Red For Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is coming up and wearing red is one of my favorite ways to celebrate... but red can be a scary color to wear. So many people tell m...
Color Theory: What Shade of Red Looks Best On You?
I love the color red. It's one of my favorite colors. But I didn't always think red looked good on me. There's more than one shade of red and that ...
Color Theory: Warm Red vs. Cool Red
In this color theory lesson, I show you the difference between warm red and cool red. What does it mean when you hear me say, "that red is too cool...

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