Ask Jen: Pure White For A Light Summer?
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Ask Jen: Pure White For A Light Summer?

First of all, I love it when you ask questions. If you have a question, please send it to me via my Ask Jen page.

This week's question...

Dear Jen,

in your new guide "How To Create Your Perfect Wardrobe" you write that the "WHITE" is "Cream" for Autumns and Springs, which means that - for me as a "Light Summer", it would be a Pure White. But the thing is: I think that a Pure White looks kind of harsh on me, I look sort of boring/pale. -->

Question no. 1: Could it be that "a-not-too-yellowish-cream" is better for Light Summer? Or should I just ignore it/throw the White out?

Question no. 2, referring to my Color Type: You told me I´m a Light Summer, and I agree. But due to your "Color Analysis Quiz", grey-blue eyes are Soft Summer´s eyes … and that Light Summers have either light blue or light green eyes. So is it for sure that I´m still "Light Summer", although I have grey-blue eyes?!

Thanks and sorry of bothering you again, but I´m so into this whole color type theme now that I´m thinking about it all day long. ;-)

Best regards Marie

Hi Marie!

#1 is only a guideline. Because cream on a cool palette really doesn't flatter. For a light summer, I recommend a very light grey or light taupe.

Deep Winters, Cool Winters and Clear Springs look BEST in white. Although, a great look for anyone is a crisp white button-down shirt with jeans, shorts or leggings. As seen in the feature photo above. (photo via

If white isn't best for your coloring, then wear a bold statement necklace in a bright color from your palette. Put on your best shade of lipstick and you're good to go! The rules CAN be broken.

#2 - A soft summer's eyes have a soft quality to them. They look like you've taken your finger and smudged them. Yes, a soft summer's eyes are typically grey-blue or grey-green but they also look "soft". Also, the overall quality of the person is soft and muted. A bright color against a soft summer is just wrong. All their colors are muted and soft. Like grey has been added. A light summer is brighter and lighter. Your eyes are not soft and grey. They have a light and bright quality to them. Soft summer colors would drain you.

I'm happy to help!


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