Becoming More of Who You Are
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Becoming More of Who You Are

Finding the colors that flatter you is more than just learning how to look better.

For me, learning about my colors transformed my life.

When you wear a color that feels good on you, it changes your energy. You send out positive energy and that energy comes back to you. This is powerful.

Let's say you wear a color that you know looks great on you. You get compliments when you wear that color. People may tell you that your eyes pop. Or that you look pretty today. It feels amazing. You can almost feel the positive energy swell up inside you. When you allow that energy to be released, you grow. When you grow, you become more of who you are.

This seems like such a simple thing... because it is! Personal transformation doesn't happen in giant sweeps of events. It happens in small steps. One simple change over time can make profound differences in our lives.

If you're at a point in your life where you're ready to make a change. Maybe you're recently divorced... an empty nester... ready to meet someone new... ready for a career shift... you're ready to reinvent yourself! You're ready to get to know yourself... maybe for the first time. You're ready to become the best version of you. And that means becoming more of your beautiful authentic self.

For a very long time, I lived for everyone else. I had a husband and 3 small kids. It's easy to give yourself away to make sure your family is happy. It's easy to forget ourselves in the swirl of life. When I found myself alone in my townhouse after my husband and I had divorced. I was sad. Sad for a failed marriage. Sad for losing my daughter. Scared to be alone. Terrified because I had no idea who I was anymore. My life was drained of color.

I took small steps to start learning about myself. Learning about color to bring back the energy into my life. The more I did something small for myself, like a new lipstick or new colored top that was in the RIGHT color for me, the more energy I brought in. The more positive energy I projected out. The more I grew... becoming more of me.

I am now happily married. I have a positive relationship with my kids. I have a thriving business. I love my life. My mission is to reach as many women as I can to help them see that applying color to their selves and to their life can be the simple step to the transformation they desire.

Thanks for listening :-)


Jennifer Thoden


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