I'm Loving Your Energy?
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I'm Loving Your Energy?

The energy in the room completely changed when they walked through the door. I was hanging out my kids, laughing and getting dinner ready. I was in a pretty good mood. And then… Jack and Joe came through the door… and as usual, Jack was in a lousy mood. He mopes into the kitchen, doesn’t smile, says he’s not in the mood to eat… big sighs when he sits at the table… and the energy of the room deflated. The room felt heavy… low… almost unbearable. Every person gives off energy. The energy you give off is like a parasite. It’s contagious and will seek out to get other people’s energy to match your energy. Think about it. When someone has a negative experience, what do they typically do? They immediately want to complain about it and get others to join in with the negative energy. Before you know it, you’ve got a group of people all agreeing on how awful something was… complaining and the negative energy is like a poison. No one feels good. You suddenly feel tired. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Angry. Annoyed. And here’s what’s worse… the energy that started out as one person complaining grew and magnified. Why? Because you’ve got more people fueling the fire. The same thing happens with positive energy. Imagine when someone walks into a room that is genuinely happy. They smile. They laugh. The energy of the room goes up. People start to gravitate to the positive energy. You can’t help but want to be around it. I'm Loving Your Energy? Except for the people that are so lost in their own negative poison. Since their energy doesn’t match anywhere near the positive energy, it can almost repel them away. That negative person will try to bring the positive person down. Maybe they’ll frown at them… say something mean… be rude to them… criticize them. They will likely recruit others to complain about how annoying that person is. Negative energy eats away at your soul. No good comes from it. None. So, be aware. When someone tries to pull you in to a complaining session, politely excuse yourself. Remove yourself immediately. Wanna know the best neutralizer for negative energy? Love. When you choose to love… even when someone is trying to bring you down to their level… it becomes impossible. Imagine this… a co-worker starts complaining about your boss. Can you believe she did that? She’s such a bitch. Blah blah blah. And you… come back with… you know… she’s probably having a really bad day. I really liked it when she said ____. Show love and compassion… and watch what happens. Your challenge for the day is to be aware of your words and thoughts. Avoid complaining, comparing, and gossiping. You’ll soon discover how many times you normally allow this behavior to occur. It’s ok. We’re human… but we are humans working on being better and happier. When you catch yourself thinking negatively about a situation or a person… stop and immediately say something nice about. Anything will do. He has nice shoes. I got to listen to my favorite song while in traffic. Something. Anything. This will negate the negative feelings you have and help you put a smile on your face. The only way you can be happier is to clean your mind of the negative poison that is taking up all the space in you head. As you work on this, you’ll make room for positive thoughts. Positive energy attracts positive energy. Your world will expand in ways you may not believe is possible yet… but it will be good. And you will begin to believe.

Be positive and attract positivity into your life.

Jen Thoden

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