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Challenge Your Goals. Are your goals really what you want?
So you have some goals. Great! Now let's challenge them. Jen explains how to do this so that you discover what you REALLY want. Jen Thoden
I'm Loving Your Energy?
The energy in the room completely changed when they walked through the door. I was hanging out my kids, laughing and getting dinner ready. I was in...
Are you an imperfectionist?
There is a ring on my very pretty blue Kate Spade iPad mini case! It's driving me crazy! I splurged on this case because... Well... It's pretty. A...
Keep It Simple
Can you relate to any of these statements... "I have too much to do and can never get anything done" "I feel like I'm stuck and going no where" ...
It Takes Two To Tango
A few nights ago, my boyfriend and I ended up in a discussion over something seemingly silly. I was cooking dinner for him. Tuesday night is date ...
Treat People With Love and Respect
The other day Joe (my boyfriend) and I were challenged by a fellow driver over who had the right to park in a parking space... that we parked in. H...

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