Seasonal Color Analysis - What Season Is June?
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Seasonal Color Analysis - What Season Is June?

June was a fun person to analyze. Her hair is colored blonde but she revealed to me that her hair used to be bright red auburn. This was really important because nothing fit exactly right for her with the blonde hair. However, because she is naturally dominantly warm, her blonde hair didn't really change that. It just brightened her up. If she keeps the blonde hair, she is more of a shaded spring. If she goes back to auburn, she looks amazing as a pure autumn. I say, go back to red! :-) shaded-spring-june-marigold warm-autumn-june-true-red-red Would you like a personal seasonal color analysis so that you can dress with confidence everyday? I'd love to help! Visit my Personal Seasonal Color Analysis page to learn more. Jen Thoden

Jennifer Thoden


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