Wearing blues well doesn't mean cool undertones
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Wearing blues well doesn't mean cool undertones

Wearing blues well doesn't mean cool undertones

There is a full spectrum of colors in the warm color palettes. The colors range from true red to yellow to green to blue-green to cyan to blue to purple. There are many cool colors that are shared between the warm and cool color types. So, even if you wear blue well, it doesn't mean you have cool undertones. You can have warm undertones and still wear blue.

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Being able to wear light blue or aquamarine or teal doesn't necessarily mean that you have cool undertones. True blues and blue greens are cool colors, but they can be worn by either warm or cool undertones. They are universal colors. They are not colors that you can wear and say, it looks great on me and then assume that you have cool undertones.

The colors, light blues, Aqua Marines, Teals and Turquoises, those colors look good on both cool and warm undertones.

What colors will tell me if I have cool or warm undertones?

The yellow based colors like peaches, light oranges, golden yellows are colors that would look good on someone with warm undertones but not flattering on cool undertones.

Blue based pinks, magentas, and violets and purples would be colors that would look good on someone with cool undertones, but not on warm undertones.

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From blue through green, and all those in-between colors are all universal colors and can look good on both warm and cool undertones. 

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