Why Can't I Wear The Brightest Ring of the Color Wheel?
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Why Can't I Wear The Brightest Ring of the Color Wheel?

There are 3 factors to consider when determining your best colors in the Your Color Style™ system. The first is whether you are soft or bright. The second is whether you're warm, cool or neutral. The third is how dark your colors should be. From this, you know what colors you can wear on your color wheel. But sometimes there are still colors that don't work. This happens a lot for those that type themselves as bright. They know they wear colors from the bright color wheel... they need clear colors, but the brightest ring (no white or black added) is just too harsh. A factor, that I touch on a bit in my mini-course How To Wear Your Perfect Color Contrast, that isn't in those 3 steps above is a person's intensity. I have 2 rules of thumb.
  • You shouldn't wear a color that is darker than your darkest feature.
  • You shouldn't wear a color that is more intense than your most intense feature. This could be how bright your hair is... your eyes... or how deep and intense your eyes are.
Watch this video to hear my explanation... Now that you've heard my explanation, answer the following questions in the comments below:
  • Are you bright?
  • Can you wear all the rings in your color wheel?
Wear what you love! Jen Thoden

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