Step 2: Light to Medium - Warm or Cool?
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Step 2: Light to Medium - Warm or Cool?

Color Analysis Quiz Step 2

You selected "In Between Light and Medium". This means you don't feel your hair eyes and skin are super light but, at the same time, your not that dark. 

The woman below, in the top middle, is a great example of this. She's light but not that light. She has pigment in her skin and she doesn't seem as light as the others in this grid. You may have light brown hair which isn't dark enough to be considered medium brown. You may highlight your hair making it lighter but your hair is almost medium in depth. 

Being in between means that you have a flexibility in the range of colors you can wear. You may find that some light colors flatter you but others may wash you out. You may find that you can wear some darker colors that would be too dark for someone that is truly light. 

For the rest of this quiz, consider your depth "Light to Medium"

The next step is to determine if you have warm undertones or cool undertones. 

You may already know your undertones. If so, select your answer below. If not, scroll down a bit for more information to help you learn your undertones.

Step 2: Are you warm or cool?

Watch this video that explains warm undertones, cool undertones, skin tone and olive skin. 


IMPORTANT: Your undertones don't change. If you have grey hair and you know you had warm undertones before going grey, you are still WARM.


WARM Undertones Explained

Bright Warm Light

You likely have warm undertones if you have:
  • peach or golden skin
  • warm grey hair
  • if you have grey hair and you used to have red hair, you likely have warm undertones



COOL Undertones Explained

You likely have cool undertones if you have:

  • pink or pink-grey skin
  • porcelain skin
  • olive skin tone
  • grey-blue, blue or grey-green eyes (if you have or had red hair, then you may have warm undertones)


Pink Skin Does Not Mean Cool Undertones

Watch this video to understand the different shades of pink skin.

Still not sure?

If you do not see a scenario that relates to you and you have watched the video, post in the comments what your combination of hair, skin and eyes are, so that I can make sure to cover it in this quiz.

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