Closet Inventory Worksheets
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Closet Inventory Worksheets

Closet Inventory Worksheets

Throughout the year, you will want to revisit these pages. As you learn about how to wear your colors, style your shape and pull outfits together, there will be items in your closet that you will want to get rid of and other items you will want to keep. This process is necessary to transform your current wardrobe into a wardrobe that is completely YOU.

The following sheets are for the items you wish to keep. Print out as many of each as you need. They are designed to keep you honest. For each item you want to keep, you will identify the reasons why. It should be in your colors. It should be ideal for your lifestyle. It should go with at least 2 other items in your closet. And you MUST like wearing it.

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If any of these boxes are blank, seriously consider why you are keeping it. It’s ok if you are holding on to it temporarily until you get a better version of it. I don’t want you walking around naked for goodness sake. Just write a note of your intention next to that item.

Ideally, you’ll have a short list of the BEST items for you that create multiple outfits and looks that make you look and feel amazing. Plan on coming back to these sheets every couple of months.

Your Basics Capsule

As you are working through your wardrobe, take note of the items that fit into your Basics capsule. You can print out duplicates of this worksheet for each season, or document all the items to see how you can combine Basic items across the year.

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