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Q&A: Hazel Eyes

Jen answers the following question: “Can I have hazel eyes and still be on the bright palette? I thought I was a deep autumn but now I’m confused.”

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Hazel Eyes

  1. Examples would explain more, far more. Wish we’d seen examples of the hazel eyes
    mentioned. Mine are hazel but …
    what do bright hazel, soft hazel or cool hazel look like???
    I mean from far away mine are just deep dark brown & in certain light can look deep green or deep gold. So visuals would help more than general discussion.

  2. I am a what is considered a Bright/Clear Spring, and my eyes are what the DMV would consider hazel. Haha.
    They’re a very bright olive-y golden brown green as long as I’m wearing the right colors. (Interestingly, if I veer into a more muted tone, even if it’s warm, both my eyes and hair become very dull and mousey) I’ve had a lot of people comment about them for some reason whenever I’m in the bright spring palette. I don’t fit the standard description at all, and was diagnosed as an autumn by someone who had visually assessed me while sticking to the old school Carole Jackson CMB criteria, which is why I think draping is so absolutely necessary.

    But I digress big time. Point is, you definitely can have hazel eyes and be bright. It’s just not very common.

    1. I agree with you, Taylor! I didn’t mean to imply that hazel eyes are always soft. It is common for people with soft hazel eyes to be considered soft. But I have seen many people with bright hazel eyes like yourself. There’s no hard rule. Each person is unique. Thank you so much for your comments!

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