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Ways to Wear Coral - Part 2

Ways to Wear Coral - Part 2

Continuing our discussion of wearing coral, in this post we will explore color pairings for this beautiful Summer color. Go back to Part 1 to see which corals are considered warm and which are considered cool.

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Colors to Wear with Warmer Shades of Coral

Colors to Wear with Warmer Shades of Coral

Warmer shades of coral, those with more orange or yellow, will look great with other warm to universal shades of similar depth. Blues and greens pair very nicely with coral, since orange is a complimentary color to blue. Look for warm navy, warm olive, teal, and aqua to accompany warm corals. A medium warm yellow is also a good option as it works well with the orange in the warmer corals. For neutrals, beige, camel, and deep warm brown will give a nice backdrop to let the coral shine.

Colors to Wear with Cooler Shades of Coral

<p><strong>Colors to Wear with Cooler Shades of Coral</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Blues and greens work well with the cooler corals too, but we want cooler shades of those colors. Cool navy, cool teal, spearmint, and royal blue all work well with cooler coral shades. Salt white, bright white, and black all work well with the cool tones corals. Choose the neutral that is balanced with your coral shade.

Ways to Wear Warmer Corals

Ways to Wear Warmer Corals

Coral and yellow both say "Summer". Here we have put together a color blocked look with coral and yellow and tied it together with accessories in yellow, olive, and coral. Finish this look with warm browns, peaches, and/or golden shades on the eyes. Add a matching coral lip and cheek color, and a peachy or golden gloss to keep the warmth going from head to toe. 

Ways to Wear Cooler Corals

Ways to Wear Cooler Corals

You cannot go wrong pairing a warm pink or a pinky coral shade with white. It's crisp, clean, and fresh! For this look, we kept the warm pink going with the sandals, bag and necklace. Finish this look off with cool brown eye colors. Add warm pink on the cheeks and lips, then top with a shiny coral or iridescent gloss and you will have harmony from head to toe.

Enjoy experimenting with this Sizzling Shade of Summer!



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  • The warm ensemble is great. Love how the shoes capture the color story.

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