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Color Analysis Case Study

Color Analysis Case Study

Jen shares her color analysis thoughts on a question and photo submitted to her. Brittany asks

Hi Jen ! I love your work ! I have been struggling for a while trying to figure out if I am a soft autumn or soft summer. I have warm skin (yellow undertones with green veins- my dad is Portuguese) but I have cool green / blue eyes and neutral hair (with natural gold/red highlights) it’s so confusing ! I think I’m a true summer … but I also sometimes feel I’m a soft autumn. I’ve been going back and forth with the two for a year. Haha ! All the best, Brittany

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  1. Thank you for your videos. I have a question – I wonder if my rosacea/sensitive skin is causing me to think I have cool undertones. How do you make a determination with light skin that flushes red? I have very light skin, usually the lightest shade for foundation and usually aim for a ‘neutral’ foundation to help cancel out the redness. Yellow tinged foundation make me look jaundiced and pink tinged foundation accentuate the rosacea/turn my face really pink hence why I stick in the middle. I have mousey medium/dark brown hair that is going grey around the temples and blue-grey eyes. I find I can wear some light peach and coral lipsticks if the shade is deep enough. I believe I’m a soft as I look best in muted shades – Besame’s lip color Red Velvet looks great on me but I cannot wear blackberry/deep plum shades, so I’m leaning soft and medium. Whether I lean warm or cool…I’m stuck (my cards should arrive next week). Any insight for us rosacea sufferers?

    I have a minimalist wardrobe and have enough clothing for 5 days at work (black pants and black cardigan/jacket) and three sets of weekend clothing pretty much wearing the same – black jeans/leggings. My interest in finding out what colors look best on me stems for losing a lot of weight after my last pregnancy and the desire to move out of my almost all-black wardrobe. Thank you!

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