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What Color Type Am I Based On Seasonal Color Analysis?

As I transition to my new color system, Your Color Style™… I want to make sure I don’t leave behind those of you that have been analyzed as a season. Although, it’s not a perfect fit, I’ve listed below what color type you will LIKELY be in the Your Color Style™ system based on your current season. I hope this helps.

You are BRIGHT and WARM if your season is:

  • Light Spring (aka Tinted)
  • Clear Spring (aka Pure)
  • Warm Spring (aka Shaded)
  • Warm Autumn (aka Pure)
  • Deep Autumn (aka Shaded)

You are BRIGHT and COOL if your season is:

  • Light Summer (aka Tinted)
  • Cool Summer (aka Pure)
  • Clear Winter (aka Pure)
  • Cool Winter (aka Tinted)
  • Deep Winter (aka Shaded)

You are SOFT and WARM if your season is:

  • Soft Autumn (aka Tinted or Toned)
  • Soft Spring (aka Toned)

You are SOFT and COOL if your season is:

  • Soft Summer (aka Toned or Shaded)
  • Soft Winter (aka Toned)

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What color type are you? Enter you answer in the comments below and share!

Jen Thoden

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