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Color Analysis: Light Olive Skin Tone - Dominantly Yellow

Color Analysis: Light Olive Skin Tone - Dominantly Yellow

I did an online color analysis of a woman with olive skin tone and describes her skin as being dominantly yellow. She is a VIP member and has given me permission to use her photo for this video because this type of skin can be very confusing when trying to figure out your color palette. 

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Jennifer Vax

Jen Vax is the founder of Your Color Style. She is a best selling author, speaker, artist and entrepreneur. She helps women learn how to wear color in a way that expresses their true nature. Take the FREE color analysis quiz to get started.

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  • As part of the color analysis given in the VIP program, do you offer advice on cosmetics color?
    Your Color Style replied:
    We have a resident makeup expert that can offer advice and even zoom calls as her schedule allows. I’m working with her on some eye shadow color charts. The lipstick colors we are always talking about. And Gail can advice on the whole look.

    - Jan

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