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Color Analysis Case Study - Olive Skin, Hazel Eyes
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I did an online color analysis for one of my VIP Color Analysis customers. She has given me permission to share her case study with you. She has dark brown hair, olive skin and hazel eyes.
Olive Skin Tone Explained
People with olive skin tone tend to have a greenish cast to their skin and sometimes a dominant yellow overtone. This can make finding flattering colors and color types confusing because some colors just don't seem feel right. This video explains how our skin tone interacts with our undertones, creating an olive skin tone.
Color Analysis: Light Olive Skin Tone - Dominantly Yellow
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I did an online color analysis of a woman with olive skin tone and describes her skin as being dominantly yellow. She is a VIP member and has given...
Color Analysis Case Study - Olive Skin, Green Eyes
Here is the question submitted to me: "Hi Jen,  I’ve always thought I am neutral but after watching your videos I think I might be warm or olive sk...

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