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6 Ways To Wear Rose Violet and Amazon Green
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Rose Violet and Amazon Green are a bright and cool-toned gals dream. Of the two, those with warmer tones will do better with Amazon. Rose Violet i...
Pink Skin - Warm or Cool Undertones
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We often see cool undertone skin described as pink, but what if you have pink skin but don't feel like you have cool undertones? The color pink ra...
3 Ways To Wear Innuendo

Innuendo is a Raspberry Pink.  It is a blue based pink and can be worn best by people with cool undertones. It can be found in stores as bright and soft. It’s right in between.

I've pulled together 3 outfit ideas using the same Innuendo top to inspire you this week.

3 Ways To Wear Gossamer Pink
Gossamer Pink is a light blushy pink. It is a warm color and looks best on individuals that can wear warm colors. If you are deep, this color may feel too light. Wear it as a bottom or accessory.
Color & Crystals Style Chat - Episode 2: In the Pink!"
Betsey Bishop and I paired up to do a live session on styling jewelry and color styling. So much fun! This episode's color theme was "In the Pink!...
How To Wear Soft Pink With Neutrals
Outfit Idea #1: Soft Pink and Navy Outfit Idea #2: Soft Pink and Cream Outfit Idea #3: Soft Pink and Khaki Green Outfit Idea #4: Soft Pink and...

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