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Makeup Tips for Bright and Cool Color Types
Our makeup expert, Gail Scott, shares with the Style Masters members makeup tips for the bright and cool color types. She shows you colors for your eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, highlight and bronzer. Plus she answers questions on the live call.
Bright Cool Medium Levels Guide
Customize your bright cool medium color palette down to your best colors and neutrals using levels. Your level is how warm, cool or neutral you lean within your color palette. 
Bright Cool Medium Explained
Learn about the bright cool medium color type and color palette within Your Color Style. Download your mini color palette.
Bright Cool Medium - Color Guide

Download your color guide to learn how to wear your Bright, Cool & Medium Colors so that you feel authentically YOU

    Bright Cool Medium vs Bright Cool Deep
    What is the difference between Bright Cool Medium and Bright Cool Deep in the Your Color Style color analysis system? Jen shows you examples of ea...

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