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3 Ways To Wear Daffodil
Daffodil is a vivid orange yellow.  It is a bright color and looks best on individuals that can wear bright colors. Warm individuals can wear this color best. If it is too warm for you wear it as a bottom or accessory.
3 Ways To Wear Saffron Yellow
Saffron is a beautiful orange yellow. It is a bold warm color. This color looks good on everyone that can wear bright warm colors. Want to ...
How Do You Wear Yellow? #lwiau
Last week, in the Your Color Style Facebook group, I asked you "How do you wear yellow?" and you responded with some great photos! Be inspired by ...
Color Theory: What Shade of Yellow Looks Best On You?
  A lot of people think they can't wear yellow but, in fact, everyone can wear yellow. Yep. There's more than one shade of yellow and that may be ...
Color Theory: Warm Yellow vs. Cool Yellow
Would you believe that everyone can wear yellow? It may not be a bright true yellow, but yellow is a primary color... and in my experience, everyo...

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