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Makeup Tips for Soft and Cool Color Types
Style Masters Content: Our makeup expert, Gail Scott, shares with the Style Masters members makeup tips for the soft and cool color types. She shows you colors for your eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, highlight and bronzer. Plus she answers questions on the live call.
Weekly Color Challenge #2 - January 2023
This week's color challenge is based on the color palette of the month for January 2023. The four colors in this challenge are Midnight, Grey Green, Samoan Sun and Golden Camel. The challenge is to wear one or more of these colors in an outfit. Post your outfit in our Your Color Style Facebook group!
6 Ways to Wear Loden Frost and Autumn Blonde
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6 Ways to Wear Loden Frost and Autumn Blonde. Loden Frost and Autumn Blonde are two colors from the Pantone Fall/Winter 22/23 color palette. Loden Frost is a medium, soft green with a coolness to it. 
November Color Palette of the Month - 2022
November's color palette is a harmonious color palette based on two trending colors of the Fall season. Loden Frost and Autumn Blonde. This mont...
Soft Cool Light - Color Guide

Learn how to wear your Soft Cool and Light colors.

This post includes your:

  • Soft Cool and Light Color Guide
  • One Page Digital Color Palette
  • Printable Color Swatches, Neutrals and Signature Colors
  • How To Create Stylish Color Combinations

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