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Color Analysis Case Study - Auburn Hair Blue Eyes
Jen shares a color analysis of a client that has red auburn hair and blue eyes.
Red Hair With Grey-Blue Eyes - Q&A
A viewer asks Jen a few questions about having red hair with soft grey-blue eyes. Why do red heads have grey-blue eyes? Does having red hair alway...
5 Color Analysis Case Studies For Red Hair
As simple as I've tried to make Your Color Style to understand, red hair seems to break the rules, a bit, in color analysis. For example, you'll h...
Red Hair and Blue Eyes - Do I have cool undertones?
Jen answers the question: "I'm a redhead but have blue veins, also more pink to my skin does this make me a cool undertone? https://www.youtub...
Case Study: Bright Copper Red Hair, Blue-Grey Eyes
Jen does a color case study on one of her VIP members to the course Discover Your Color Style. She has bright copper red hair and blue-grey eyes. ...
Auburn Hair - Cool Undertones or Warm Undertones?
Jen answers the question "Does Auburn Hair make you have cool or warm undertones?"

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