Warm Undertones Explained
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Warm Undertones Explained

Warm Undertones Explained

Let's talk about undertones. Specifically, warm undertones. What does it mean to have warm undertones? How do you know if you are warm, cool or neutral? What colors should you avoid?

Knowing your undertones can help you understand what colors to avoid. In my opinion, this can be more important than learning about all the colors you CAN wear. Watch the video below and learn all about warm undertones.

The Cool Undertones blog post is now available.

Warm Undertones Explained

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Below, is the podcast episode where I explain warm undertones in depth. If you like podcasts, and want to listen to more details on warm undertones, they have a listen below.

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Do you have warm undertones?

If you think you have warm undertones, then you will find the following video on warm colors super helpful. These are the colors that are perfect on you and not so great on someone with cool undertones.

Warm Colors Explained

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