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Olive Skin Explained Plus Colors To Avoid and to Wear
People with olive skin tone tend to have a greenish cast to their skin and sometimes a dominant yellow overtone. This can make finding flattering colors and color types confusing because some colors just don't seem feel right. This video explains how our skin tone interacts with our undertones, creating an olive skin tone. Plus what colors to avoid and to wear.
Hazel Eyes: Warm or Cool? Soft or Bright?

Hazel eyes seem to be a type of eye that confuses people when doing a self color analysis. Hazel eyes are a mix of colors and can seem warm when a person has cool undertones.

This video is from a VIP Live Color Party where I dive deep into analyzing different hazel eyes. It's fun to see how two similar eyes can have different sets of colors and characteristics. Identifying the colors in your eye might be a clue to your color type. 

August 2022 VIP Color Analysis Replays
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August 2022 Color Party Replay
Agenda: New Bright Color Wheel Signature color palette evolution PLUS trending colors Hazel Eyes - Warm or Cool? Soft or Bright? Your OTHER Ground...
What if my eye-poppin colors are not in my color palette?
Sometimes the colors you find in your eyes are not in your main color palette. Does that mean you can't wear them? How should you wear these colors...
What if my eyes are super dark?
It may be difficult to see colors in your eyes if your eyes are super dark. Watch this video to learn what colors you should wear.
Eye Poppin' Colors Explained
Watch this video to get an in depth understanding of your eye-poppin' colors.
Create a color palette around your eye-poppin' colors
Learn how to create a limited color palette around your eye-poppin' colors.
Create a color palette around your power colors
Create a limited color palette around your power color. Download the PDF

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