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Live Call Schedule 2023

Here are the dates and zoom call links for the 2023 live coaching calls. 

August Live Call - Replay
Theme: Fall Agenda: Color: The Fall/Winter trending colors, who can wear them, how to wear them Style: How to apply the trending colors to your wa...
July's Live Call - Replay

Theme: Illusions


Color: How to wear color for certain effects

Shape: General silhouette - Proportions - vertical proportions

Style: Equations for accessories and details to change up an outfit, creating balance with accessories

Beauty: Skin Perfection plus highlighting/contouring/SPF

June's Live Call - Replay

It's the Gail show! ;)

"Beat the Heat"

LEVELS - Bonus Call Replay

We are diving deep into understanding LEVELS. I will be covering the following topics:

  • What are levels and why is it important
  • The differences between each level and color type
  • What colors and metals are ideal for each color type and level, and why
  • Red heads
  • Q and A - I will front load this part of the call with all the photos and questions submitted to me
May's Live Call - Replay

This month's theme is Travel and Capsules


  • Color: Levels, Capsule Color Story, Basics Color Palette
  • Shape: Face Shapes, Hats and Sunglasses
  • Beauty: Makeup Capsule Wardrobe
  • Style: Summer Accessorizing and Travel Tips
April Live Call - Replay

April's live call Replay

This month's theme is Spring


  • Color: Trending colors, Color inspiration cards, Color palette updates
  • Shape: Closet Update
  • Beauty: Spring makeup colors and trends
  • Style: Patterns, Textiles and Spring Trends



March Call - Personality & Style - Replay

This month's theme is Personality


  • Color: Enneagrams - How your personality influences your color combo and style choices
  • Shape: Basic and advanced outfit formulas 
  • Beauty: Makeup formulas
  • Style: Feel vs. Perceived
February Live Call - Foundational Basics - Replay

Watch the replay of our February Style Master's live call

This month's theme is Foundational Basics.


  • Color: Basics Color Palette
  • Shape: Flattering swimsuits for your body shape, basics wardrobe for your body shape
  • Beauty: Basic Makeup Wardrobe
  • Style: Basic Accessories Wardrobe, Lifestyle

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