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Basics Color Palette
For the COLOR topic this month, we are going to create our basics color palette. This is a limited color palette that you will use for all of your basic items in your wardrobe. Watch the video to learn how to create your basics color palette and how to use it to create an amazing wardrobe that is completely YOU.
February Live Call - Foundational Basics - Replay

Watch the replay of our February Style Master's live call

This month's theme is Foundational Basics.


  • Color: Basics Color Palette
  • Shape: Flattering swimsuits for your body shape, basics wardrobe for your body shape
  • Beauty: Basic Makeup Wardrobe
  • Style: Basic Accessories Wardrobe, Lifestyle
Style Notebook February 2023 - Foundational Basics
Download this month's style notebook. You will discover a lesson on your basics color palette, flattering swimsuit styles for your body shape and more. 

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