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What to Consider When Changing Your Hair Color
Are you thinking about changing your hair color? Whether you're growing out your grey hair, lightening or darkening the color or dying it a fun col...
September 2022 VIP Color Analysis Replays
September 12, 2022     September 28, 2022
Discover the Fall/Winter Trends - September 2022 Color Party Replay
We review the 2022 Fall/Winter trends in shoes, jewelry and colors. Enjoy this super fun presentation with Q&A at the end.
Fall Style Guide - 2023

The Fall Style Guide is exclusive to Style Masters Members. Discover the trending colors and styles for your color type. Plus explore the shopping guide to add some new items to your wardrobe.

Style Notebook - September 2022

The theme for September 2022 is Fall Trends. Download your style notebook pages for September 2022

August 2022 VIP Color Analysis Replays
There are two color analysis replays. August 24, 2022 Agenda Deb Kadri Carol Erin Coral Carla Amber Download the PDF August 31, 2022 Agenda Te...
Fall 2022 Makeup Trends
Our Fashion and Beauty Editor, Gail Scott, presents the makeup trends for the Fall 2022 season. Learn how to update your makeup and get on trend wi...
August 2022 Color Party Replay
Agenda: New Bright Color Wheel Signature color palette evolution PLUS trending colors Hazel Eyes - Warm or Cool? Soft or Bright? Your OTHER Ground...
DIY Online Color Analysis Course

Learn Your Color Type By Draping Yourself In the DIY Color Analysis Color Wheels

This course will walk you through the Your Color Style methodology and show you how to easily layer the color wheels over your photo so that you can quickly see your depth, undertones and chroma. 

This is a lot of fun! 

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