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December 2023 Live Call - Replay

Gail Scott will be hosting the call and answering your style questions! 

Holiday Style - Live Call Replay
November's live call is all about Holiday style. This time of year brings many opportunities to celebrate friends and family. From casual dinners to festive gatherings, you may want to have some options to dress a little more special. 
Style Masters October Live Call - Replay

How to upgrade your personal style with accessories and layering. You can completely transform an outfit based on the accessories you add. 

Live Call Schedule 2023

Here are the dates and zoom call links for the 2023 live coaching calls. 

August Live Call - Replay
To read this full post, join Style Masters. Join Style Masters or Sign In Are you ready to show up everyday with confidence and authenticity? Lear...
July's Live Call - Replay

Theme: Illusions


Color: How to wear color for certain effects

Shape: General silhouette - Proportions - vertical proportions

Style: Equations for accessories and details to change up an outfit, creating balance with accessories

Beauty: Skin Perfection plus highlighting/contouring/SPF

June's Live Call - Replay

It's the Gail show! ;)

"Beat the Heat"

May's Live Call - Replay

This month's theme is Travel and Capsules


  • Color: Levels, Capsule Color Story, Basics Color Palette
  • Shape: Face Shapes, Hats and Sunglasses
  • Beauty: Makeup Capsule Wardrobe
  • Style: Summer Accessorizing and Travel Tips
April Live Call - Replay

This month's theme is Spring


  • Color: Trending colors, Color inspiration cards, Color palette updates
  • Shape: Closet Update
  • Beauty: Spring makeup colors and trends
  • Style: Patterns, Textiles and Spring Trends
March Call - Personality & Style - Replay

This month's theme is Personality


  • Color: Enneagrams - How your personality influences your color combo and style choices
  • Shape: Basic and advanced outfit formulas 
  • Beauty: Makeup formulas
  • Style: Feel vs. Perceived
Soft & Cool - January 2023 Live Call Replay

This is the replay of the Soft & Cool color type live call on January 4, 2023. Discover Color Theory for Soft and Cool, makeup tips and so much more.

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