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Style Masters: Style Notebook Pages - October 2023

This month is all about accessorizing and layering. You can completely transform an outfit based on the accessories you add.

As the weather is cooling off, layers will become favorable. It may not be cold enough for coats, but you may want to layer on a fashionable outer piece. Layers are really for anytime you aren’t sure if it will be warm or cool. You’ll be able to apply what you learn to any season.

Style Notebook Pages - September 2023

This month is all about Fall Style!

Download your notebook pages

We will be focusing on fall style inspiration plus how to get your wardrobe ready for the new season.

Style Notebook - August 2023 - Fall

This month is all about Fall! The stores are already showing a lot of the fall/winter trending colors. We will be focusing heavily on the new trending colors, how to wear them and how to express your personality with color.


We will be reviewing the season’s trending colors and which color types can wear these colors. On these pages, I have provided you the Pantone colors plus the equivalents in your color palette. Plus, I created a page for each color type, so that you can easily see what trending colors are for your color type. I’ve also provided you color inspiration cards that include the trending colors, your color palette and neutrals. I hope these inspire you! You’ll find the cards in the Style Masters library under your color type.

Style Notebook - July 2023 - Illusions

This month is all about Illusions and Balance!

A pulled together look is a well balanced look.

You, ideally, want your colors and patterns to be in balance with your hair, skin and eyes. You want your makeup to be in balance with your outfit. You want your vertical lengths to be right for your vertical proportions. And you want volume in the right areas to balance your curves (or lack of curves).

This month, Gail and I will be helping you learn how to create the illusion you desire for your shape, personality and coloring.


Style Notebook May 2023 - Travel & Capsules

Welcome to May! This month's style notebook includes the following:

  • Face shape chart with guidelines for eyeglass shapes and hats
  • Makeup wardrobe chart
  • Tips on creating a limited color palette for your capsule or for packing.

Make sure to filter the style master library by your color type to see all the new goodies this month.

Style Notebook April 2023 - Spring

Welcome to April! This month's style notebook includes the following:

Color charts of this season's Pantone colors. These are the colors you will see in the stores. Equivalent color swatches of what is in your color palette plus which trending color is ideal for you.


You'll also see worksheets to help you with your spring cleaning and organization of your wardrobe.

Make sure to filter the style master library by your color type to see all the new goodies this month.

Style Notebook March 2023 - Personality

Welcome to March! This month's style notebook includes the following:

Info on Enneagrams to help you understand your self and how your personality influences your color and style choices. The more you know about who you are, the less resistance you'll feel when pulling your outfits together.

You'll also discover some fun and easy outfit formulas to play with.

We'll be exploring the question "Who am I, really?" so you'll find a worksheet to fill in during our live call.

Style Notebook February 2023 - Foundational Basics
Download this month's style notebook. You will discover a lesson on your basics color palette, flattering swimsuit styles for your body shape and more. 
How To Style A Chambray Shirt for Your Body Shape - Style Notebook - January 2023
Select the link below to download your Style Notebook pages for January 2023. You will discover how to style a chambray shirt for your body shape. I will be discussing how to wear the chambray color for your color type in this month's live calls. Be sure to check out the live call schedule.

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