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Color Analysis Quiz - Step 2: Medium - Warm or Cool Undertones

Color Analysis Quiz Step 2

You selected MEDIUM. This means you have medium eyes, hair AND/OR skin.

If you are not light and you are not deep, you are medium. If you feel like you are in between medium and deep, then you are in the right place. Medium is a safe range to choose.

The next step is to determine if you have warm undertones or cool undertones. 

You may already know your undertones. If so, select your answer below. If not, scroll down a bit for more information to help you learn your undertones.

Step 2: Are you warm or cool?

Watch this video that explains warm undertones, cool undertones, skin tone and olive skin.


WARM Undertones Explained

You likely have warm undertones if you have:
  • peach or golden skin
  • golden brown skin
  • red-orange brown skin
  • golden brown eyes
  • red, copper or auburn hair
  • warm grey hair
  • salt and pepper hair
  • golden hazel eyes



COOL Undertones Explained

You likely have cool undertones if you have:

  • pink or pink-grey skin
  • porcelain skin
  • neutral beige skin
  • olive skin tone
  • blue-brown skin
  • magenta-brown skin
  • blue-black hair
  • grey-blue, blue or grey-green eyes (if you have or had red hair, then you may have warm undertones)


Still not sure?

If you do not see a scenario that relates to you and you have watched the video, post in the comments what your combination of hair, skin and eyes are, so that I can make sure to cover it in this quiz.

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  • Hi!! I’ve watched so many videos and I am still confused by my coloring. I have ashy medium brown hair, hazel eyes and I believe cool skin. I believe I am medium, cool and maybe soft. The thing that is throwing me off is that I have freckles and my hazel eyes are a brighter green with a bright orange/yellow ring in the middle. This ring and the freckles really makes me confused. I used to think I was an autum (warm) but I think my hazel eyes might be bright and cool. I saw one girl on your videos who was very close to me (she was cool, medium and soft) but she didn’t have that bright orange in her eyes and freckles. Can you review someone who is actually cool but could easily be confused as an autumn?!
    Your Color Style replied:
    Freckles don’t really mean cool or warm. Meaning, having freckles wouldn’t negate your analysis of you having cool undertones. Also, people with cool undertones can wear orange and yellow and can have green orange and yellow in their eyes. But, honestly, I can’t really tell without seeing you. I can only share photos of people that have given me permission to use them. The clients I share have given me permission. At some point, I may have an example of what you’re looking for but everyone is so unique.

    - Micah
  • My natural hair color when I was younger was medium chestnut brown. My eyes are called blue but on a color identifier app are actually cyan, a teal with shades of light and muted greens, blues, and grayish-blue. I always thought I had a warm to neutral skin tone, but it’s typically ivory with some freckles and mild rosacea (skewing it pink), and I can only lightly tan a pink-tan, rose-beige, to apricot color. I wear a wide range of blues & greens, dislike anything bright or pastel, as well as burgundy, pinks, and yellows, and am getting the most compliments lately wearing saturated but muted greens & blues.
    Your Color Style replied:
    You sound like your a soft cool deep

    - Janice
  • I’m never sure what my tones are besides “neutral”. My veins have purple and green, my eyes are hazel and change from a warm, green hazel to a cool,grayish hazel depending on the colors I wear. Hair is a light brown with cool lows and warm highs. Next to cool toned people I look a bit yellow but next to warm toned people I look pink. I am very “milky” in the winter but can get a tan in the summer.
    Your Color Style replied:
    It sounds like you don’t look obvious warm or cool. This is very common. It’s obvious for some and confusing for others. The reason you appear a bit yellow next to obvious cool tones is that you’re not dominantly cool. Everyone has a little yellow in their skin. And you look pink next to warm tones because you probably have cool undertones. Green hazel that looks grey-green at times is a cool eye. Watch the hazel eye video I gave on this blog and on YouTube. It’s also very common for soft and cools to have a mix of warm and cool in their hair. If I had to guess, I’d say you are soft cool and medium.

    Do t forget that you can always sign up for a color analysis if you just want us to tell you.

    Hope this helps


    - Sam

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