Step 2: Medium - Warm or Cool Undertones
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Step 2: Medium - Warm or Cool Undertones

Color Analysis Quiz Step 2

You selected MEDIUM. This means you have medium eyes, hair AND/OR skin.

If you are not light and you are not deep, you are medium. If you feel like you are in between medium and deep, then you are in the right place. Medium is a safe range to choose. You can also go to the quiz page for Medium to Deep or Light to Medium.

Women with medium tones

The next step is to determine if you have warm undertones or cool undertones. 

You may already know your undertones. If so, select your answer below. If not, scroll down a bit for more information to help you learn your undertones.

On this page:

Do you have warm undertones or cool undertones?


Undertones Explained

Watch this video that explains warm undertones, cool undertones, skin tone and olive skin. 


IMPORTANT: Your undertones don't change. If you have grey hair and you know you had warm undertones before going grey, you are still WARM.


WARM Undertones Explained

Women with warm undertones

You likely have warm undertones if you have:
  • peach or golden skin
  • golden brown skin
  • red-orange brown skin
  • golden brown eyes
  • red, copper or auburn hair
  • warm grey hair
  • golden hazel eyes



COOL Undertones Explained

Women with cool undertones

You likely have cool undertones if you have:

  • cool pink or pink-grey skin
  • porcelain skin
  • neutral beige skin
  • olive skin tone
  • blue-brown skin
  • magenta-brown skin
  • blue-black hair
  • grey-blue, blue or grey-green eyes (if you have or had red hair, then you may have warm undertones)


Pink Skin Does Not Mean Cool Undertones

Watch this video to understand the different shades of pink skin.

Still not sure?

If you do not see a scenario that relates to you and you have watched the video, post in the comments what your combination of hair, skin and eyes are, so that I can make sure to cover it in this quiz.

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Jennifer Vax

Jen Vax is the founder of Your Color Style. She is a best selling author, speaker, artist and entrepreneur. She helps women learn how to wear color in a way that expresses their true nature. Take the FREE color analysis quiz to get started.


  • Dear jen,

    I am Reka from Hungary. I am interested in the types of seasons.
    My hair is color depth 6, it looks brown.
    My eyes are green, darker green, my skin is olive.
    The bright colors are too gloomy for me, on the contrary, with the deeper, dull ones.
    What do you think?

    Good Day,
    Your Color Style replied:
    HI Reka

    I’m sorry but you won’t learn your season here. Your Color Style is different and we help you discover your most flattering color palette. This is not a season. If you are saying the bright colors don’t look right on you, then I would consider soft and cool for your color palette.


    - Reka
  • Torn or warm/cool. Have almost black eyebrows but they’re ashy. Natural hair is light brown with no red. Green eyes. Skin tans well but will burn. I see purple and green when checking veins. Look great in cobalt blue, olive green. Help! Could I be the minority w/neutral tone?
    Your Color Style replied:
    Hi Jessica I made a video to respond to your question


    - Jessica C
  • Hi Jen

    I’m think I’m medium but I can’t figure out if I am warm or cool…
    My skin is very light olive, it never fits :( I only know one foundation on the market, cause it looks warm against cold skin, cold against warm, yellow green next to a pink skin, and ivory beige against yellow/gold skin. It burns if I’m not careful, but then tans a lot to a very sandy/honey gold.
    My eyes are grey/blue/green, with a brownish center circle expanding with time. Not very light, but not deep. My hair is brown, not warm, really not on the reddish side, with blond/gold/honey thread, easily lightened by the sun. Hairdresser advised against copper/red, or platinum blond, or black hair color. I wear both gold and silver jewellery (silver not much in winter, looks better on tanned skin). No green, grey, purple, blue eyeshadow, but sand, pinks, plum, and terracotta red complement my eyes. I can wear a lot of pastels clothes. I don’t like mustard and warm bright yellows, kaki/olive green, dusty dark colors, reddish browns, teal, peacock, cold dark purple, neon pink-purple, neon yellow. Some bright are great, other are terrible.
    I saw you’re amazing video about olive skintone and learned a lot, but still don’t know where I stand…

    Thank you so much
    Your Color Style replied:
    It can be confusing with olive skin tone. I highly recommend you sign up for our Done With You Color Analysis service. It’s budget friendly and we can help.


    - Gwen
  • Hello,
    I have medium skin tone with a bit of yellow, dark blonde hair, olive green eyes with a dark grey ring around the iris. My veins are blue and green. I thought I was what’s referred to as “soft summer” for a color season, with muted, dusty colors. Somehow these don’t feel quite “right “ for me. Please advise.
    Thank you!
    Your Color Style replied:
    Hi Michelle Based on your description, you sound like you have warm undertones. JenSent from my iPad

    - Michelle
  • I had my colors done years ago by first impressions “color balance”. I was categorized as cool. Predominately on the cobalt blue, bright pinks, corals and greens. How would thi translate to your color fans? I believe the color analysis done years ago was accurate because the times I wore any of the colors from the color chart, I got lots of compliments. I also have some color cards that are by season (spring, summer, winter, autumn. Please advise. I’ve gone from light brown green eyes to light grey front dark grey back..
    Your Color Style replied:
    hi Patricia

    You sound like you are cool and bright. I would try Bright Cool and Medium. If those colors seem too dark then Bright Cool and Light


    - Patricia Larkin

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