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Your Signature Color
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Jen's Fall/Winter Signature Color Palette
Jen shares with you her final limited color palette for the 2022 Fall/Winter season. These colors center around her authentic signature colors.   ...
Style Notebook - August 2022

The theme for August 2022 is Signature Color Palettes. Download your style notebook pages for August 2022

Power Colors Explained
Watch this video to learn what your power colors are and what they mean when you wear them.     Download the PDF
Your Power Colors
What are YOUR power colors?     Download the PDF
Create a color palette around your blushing colors

Create a signature color palette around your blushing colors.

What are your blushing colors?
This video explains how to determine which blushing colors are YOUR blushing colors.
Blushing Colors Explained

This video explains what your blushing colors are and how to wear them.

Grounding Colors Explained
Watch this video to understand what your grounding colors are.     Download the PDF

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