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Warm Red vs Cool Red - How To Wear Red: Part 2 of 3
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Warm red vs cool red. There are different shades, tints and types of red. Not every red may flatter you. It may be because the red is too cool or too warm for you. Learn how to tell when a red is cool, neutral or warm.
How To Wear Red: Part 1 of 3
How to wear red. Red is one of my favorite colors. Wearing red projects a certain energy and style statement. Learn how to wear the color red for the right mood and scenario.
PREVIEW: How To Know If A Color is Bright or Soft Online
When you're shopping online, sometimes it's hard to tell if a color is bright or soft, light or dark. When you don't know, then you may not be sure if that item is in your color palette. Here is a really fun and easy way to see if a color is bright or soft online.
3 Ways To Wear Coca Mocha
Coca Mocha is a cool brown. This brown may feel too cool on bright and warm individuals. If it is too soft or bright for you, wear it as a bottom ...
How to Customize Your Color Fan For Shopping
The Your Color Style color fans are customizable. Here's how I customize my color fan to go shopping.
PREVIEW: How To Shop Online With Your Digital Color Palette
Your digital color palettes can be a valuable tool when shopping online. When you're not sure if a color is in your color palette, you can use your digital one-page color palette to help you. In this video, I show you a fun way to use your color palette to see if a color is in your color palette.

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