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Bright Warm Light Explained
Learn about the bright warm light color type and color palette within Your Color Style. Download your mini color palette.
Does vein color help find your undertones?
Do your vein colors help you know your undertones? I challenge the theory that the color of your veins can determine your undertones.
Color Analysis - Auburn Hair
This woman has auburn hair with green-blue eyes. I've done an online color analysis on her by placing her photo within the Your Color Style color wheels.
4 Ways to Wear Brown
How to wear brown for warm undertones and for cool undertones. See 4 outfit ideas and color combinations with warm and cool browns.
Olive Skin Tone Explained
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Discover if olive skin tone has warm or cool undertones or neutral undertones. Learn what colors to wear and what colors to avoid. Learn your best color palette for olive skin tone.
What if I can't wear some of the colors in my color type? Did I get it wrong?
You may not be able to wear all of the colors in your color palette. This is normal. You may be leaning warm or cool within your color type. Depend...

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